NY has deemed Immersion Factory’s services to be essential as long as social distancing is practiced.

New procedures are as follows:

  • For occupied listings I ask that ALL occupants including pet leave the home for the duration of the session. Homes shall be vacated at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • There will be no physical contact with any person at the property.
  • Properties must be 100% Open House Ready at least 15 minutes before the appointment. That includes turning on all lights, opening all shades, putting down toilet seats. I will not touch anything in the home.
  • For homes that are not ready at the start of schedule appointment time I will leave.
  • I ask that you please let me know if anyone is or has been recently ill.

Protections I will operate with:

Hands will be washed or a hand sanitizer will be applied before and after each shoot. Proper protective equipment will also be used with all shoots – mask, disposable nitrile gloves and shoe covers.

I believe the steps above will help keep us all safe and healthy. 
We can work together and get through this.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sean Iddings