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Home shoppers want floor plans. Shoppers will have a better understanding of how the home flows.

The more time home shoppers spend looking at a home, the more likely they are going to buy it.

89% of potential home buyers find photography very useful when searching for a home.

A home’s location is one of the most important factors for buyers. Show off the neighborhood.

Let buyers and renters take custom measurements anytime and anywhere like measuring for furniture & fixtures.

Potential buyers want all the correct facts about a property. Give them verified floor area calculations, not unverified public data.

Make it easy for buyers and renters to reach out to you.

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Few listings in Ithaca use professional photos, 3D tours and interactive floor plans. Your listing is guaranteed to stand out.

A 3D Tour is a 24/7 open house. In addition to being added to a listing, 3D Tours can be shared on social media to reach more people.

A 3D Tour will attract the most interested buyers/renters. And the iGUIDE tour and photos are quickly completed.

Properties with iGUIDE sell/rent up to 39% faster than properties with Photos Only. Accurate measurements could also lead to higher selling price.

iGUIDE Analytics is your weekly online activity report.

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