As the summer real estate market starts to simmer, I wanted to reflect over the past 5 months.

First, I want to thank each and every client so far. I had little formal experience in photography and videography at the start. You all took a chance on me and I am eternally grateful.

My goal has always been to drive significant results for my clients. To attract more attention to your listings, increase listing click-through rates and get you more offers. This equates to saving you time preparing for a listing – shooting, editing, taking measurements or coordinating five different people to do all of that. I wanted to do this all at a cost effective rate.

So how did I do?

Since the beginning of the year I have done nearly 80 shoots for realtors.

To date, 37 residential properties I have shot are under contract or sold. The average time on the market sits at 46 days before going under contract. That compares to an average of 75 days on market for similarly located and priced listings that didn’t use Immersion Factory. My services, on average, sold houses a whopping 38% quicker!

What does 38% quicker to close mean? Less time coordinating showings. More time focusing on revenue generating activities. And most importantly, less time until you get paid! It helps that your clients will love all you are doing for their listing.

But is 38% quicker worth it financially? In other words, does the cost justify the result?

Think about a cash prize with two payment options. A) receive $5,000 now or B) wait an extra 30 days and receive $5,000. For most of us, we want money now rather than later. You can do much more with the money if you have hit now because you can either earn more interest on your money or reinvest that money and time elsewhere, generating a higher return.

To a realtor looking at my services, the above example has an added complexity. There is a cost component. And the longer a listing is on the market, the more work you have to do. Your time is worth money! **See the appendix at the end for an example of the financial impact my services have on your business.

In addition to helping sell properties quicker, my iGUIDE tours include 99% accurate area measurements. How does this benefit you? You save time from making painstaking measurements. And it helps give you the most accurate measurement of a property. Don’t rely on inaccurate figures or prior listing figures. You never know how those numbers were calculated.

So let me recap. My services, on average, sell homes ~38% faster. Your time is valuable. I help you save time and do what you are good at.

Some clients might have a home taking longer, I can give some pointers on things you can do to promote your listing even more. I’m here to help.

Quality is at the heart of my business. Better service, photos, tours, floor plans, videos and value is what I strive for. You are all worth it.

I look forward to help everyone sell more houses quicker in the future!


Imagine you have a $300,000 house (2,800 sq ft). You are considering getting photos and iGUIDE (floor plan, measurements & 3D Tour). My cost is $275. So your choice is this: A) spend $275 and increase your odds of getting $5,000 in ~45 days or B) get $5,000 in ~75 days with more work involved.

Assume it takes 20 hours of extra work without my services. Divide my cost by 20 hours and you get $13 per hour. Are you worth more than $13 per hour? I hope so. Walmart employees make on average $13.13 per hour.